With over 25 years of expertise in the stone industry, SDS STONE Inc has quickly positioned itself as a prominent importer of exotic stones. Our extensive knowledge of natural stone has remained one of our company’s strongest assets and has enabled the establishment to grow into a successful business. With their incredible imprint of time, natural stones capture a slice of earth’s history rendering a harmonious union into a modern environment.

SDS STONE Inc is a Global Natural Stone Supplier and your solution for Stone and Quartz material.
SDS STONE Inc is a provider of stone from the Quarry to Projects, from Stone Sourcing to Usage & Specifications, to Product Fabrication and Installation.
Global partnerships and experience give us the ability to provide the stones envisioned for your project.
Natural Stone has captured part of earth’s history and transformed it in to a harmonious union in to a modern environment.


We measure, fabricate and install all kinds of Stones. We do bathrooms, kitchen countertops, bar tops, kitchen tables, fireplaces, vanities, Jacuzzis, BBQS and all other interesting tasks you might be interested in or asks. Our customers are always pleased with their choices of stone and leave over satisfied with the results of our work delivery.

  • We offer hundreds of finished stone varieties, including: marble, granite, limestone, onyx, sandstone, travertine, alabaster, serpentine, greenstone, soapstone among many others. Further, our selection features each stone type in a variety of rich textures and a full spectrum of colors to suit your design project and atmosphere.

  • SDS STONE’S expertise includes extensive residential, commercial and retail projects, working in venues such as, high rises, universities, hotels, banks, restaurants, shopping malls, plazas, corporate lobbies, government buildings and other large-scale facilities.
  • As high-end retail renovation serves as a major part of our portfolio, you may have experienced our work when enjoying the atmosphere in world renowned buildings like — TRUMP tower Chicago, The Blackstone , AMLI River North, The Columbian, Westin Hotel, Marriot just to name a few.
  • We welcome the challenge often inherent in artistically unique and complicated design projects. Indeed, we provide best-in-class material and labor and accommodate fast-paced turnaround times. Unlike many stone and tile suppliers, SDS STONE simplifies the often cumbersome implementation process by collaborating with architects and designers in our own showroom.



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